What we’re binge-watching right now

The shows keeping our team up at night and driving their conversations in the morning.

In 2o17 Merriam-Webster added over 1,000 new words to the dictionary. The most important being, “binge-watch.” Defined as, “to watch many or all episodes of (a TV series) in rapid succession,” we here at D1A are no strangers to the verb.

Take a look at the shows our team is obsessed with right now.

Jacob Taylor, Account Manager is binge-watching:

“I just finished season 1 of Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix… I loved how campy the first half of the season was (and Timothy Olyphant is great) but the show ultimately turned out to be super cheesy (read: The Walking Dead meets Dexter meets Desperate Housewives). I probably will not watch season 2 (if there is one).
I am watching Big Little Lies on HBO. I watched the first (and only two so far) episodes last night and the show is intense! The plot is very dark and the acting is phenomenal. The character development is really sucking me in, too (Reese Witherspoon, A+).”

Cara Dorr, Senior Director, Digital Strategy, is binge-watching:

Spin, from Walter Presents (video on demand service by BBC Channel 4) is a must-watch. Imagine a French political House of Cards, but with beautiful Paris architecture, sexier government hacks and a pair of dueling publicists. The show portrays how the government can manipulate the media and vice versa through a bevy of desperate characters who will do whatever is takes to gain and maintain power.”

Bryant Chase, Associate Producer, is binge-watching:

“I don’t really binge too often but I’ve been watching The Netflix Original, Abstract: The Art of Design. It’s inspiring to see inside an artistic creator’s world. They’re all incredibly talented at their craft and working with the elite in their fields. For me, it pushes me to learn more, strive more, and engage more with my own interests to achieve greater accomplishments. These people have found passionate inspirations and it’s driven them to unbelievable and exciting heights.”

Brittany Walsh, Account Executive, is binge-watching:

How to Get Away With Murder and Big Little Lies. I realize how scary that combination makes me sound, but i’ve always loved twisted shows that keep me guessing. Also, Viola Davis and Reese Witherspoon. Enough said.”

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