ICYMI: Water Is Sneaky, Pokémon GO!, Snapchat, Hotels, & Social Media Weighs In On Durant

Well, you made it. Work weeks after long holiday weekends are always a struggle, but in the wise words of DJ Khaled “the key is to make it” and, “You smart. You loyal. You’re a genius!” OK, that last one is a little less relevant but aren’t you charged to take on Friday now!?

As always, we’re here with your rundown of the week’s top digital and branding news. Keep scrolling for the full rundown!

Water Is Life Snuck Ads Into Venmo

If you’ve used the popular (ad-less) peer-to-peer app Venmo, you’ll know that one of the most fun aspects of the app (besides receiving money) is being able to add a description to your payments that can be seen by your whole network. I’ve received payments for everything from “mountain goat rental” to “Pepto Bismol and boxing gloves.” Water Is Life recognized this popular aspect of the app and set out to create awareness instead. By watching the global Venmo feed on the 4th of July, the organization pinpointed users paying each other for popular July 4th essentials and drove awareness by sending those people an additional $.01. Check out the video below to see how the campaign panned out.

Pokémon GO Will Change Mobile Gaming Forever

Late Wednesday night Pokémon GO launched for IOS and Android mobile devices. The app has already reached #1 for top free apps in the Apple App Store and is blowing up on social media. The game’s trailer has even already garnered itself a parody video.

What makes the game different from the Pokémon of yesteryear is the use of augmented reality to actually view/capture Pokémon through your camera’s phone in real life. And as you can see from the parody video, people are having a few issues with this process. Since the app launched, social users have documented having to pull over in traffic to catch an Eevee, or buy an extra external battery just so they can play throughout the day without their phone dying. The Australian police have even had to remind people to look up from their phone when crossing the street. Despite these few kinks that need to be worked out, it is exciting to see how mobile gaming has continued to evolve. Plus, we caught a Charmander in our office!

Snapchat Unveils “Memories”

(photo via Buzzfeed)

Snapchat is taking a small turn from their raw, in the moment feel and allowing users to now save and share snaps days, weeks, or months later. Users can use new geofilters for old content as well as add new stickers and emojis.

As I sit here trying to decide which avenue of good or bad I should go down, I find myself at the fork. Typically I take a stance on these type of updates, but for this story I have nothing to say. It’ll probably never catch on for me, so as long as I can still face swap with my grandma I have all that I need.

Update: Our strategist JR has shared his opinion, which is much more useful than mine. JR: “Ahhhh!! this is what I’ve been hoping for since I started using it!! Who has time to do all of the edits on it while Beyonce is sashaying up and down the stage??!!”

Hotels Continue To Cater Towards Millennials

21c Museum Hotel in Durham, North Carolina

As millennial travelers continue flocking to cities across the globe, hotels are continuing to revamp their style in order to appeal to the young crowd. And before you ask yourself, “Now, how much can these kids actually travel?” let me answer: a lot. According to global market research company Mintel, 82% of millennials took a vacation in the past 12 months versus 75% of all U.S. consumers.

Hotels around the world are doing three similar things to try and gain millennial attention.

  1. Launching New Brands
    Hotel chains like Marriott and Radisson are catering to millennials by creating completely new subsidiary hotels that specifically focus on the millennial market. Hotels like Moxy Hotels and Radisson Red are a few examples.
  2. Localizing Designs
    Millennials want to feel like they are experiencing the city they’re visiting from the time they step inside its limits to when they leave. Hotels are now using artwork and unique designs custom to each respective city to give millennials that exact feeling.
  3. Focusing On Service and Unique Offerings
    Some hotels, like Westin, offer unique perks to travelers, like a workout gear lending program and health focused menus. This is where traditional hotels believe they have an advantage over Airbnb. “Your Airbnb experience is only as good as your host,” says Molly Swyers, chief brand officer at 21c Museum Hotels.

Durant Joins The Warriors - The Internet Grabs Their Pitchforks

The irony of this tweet now is too perfect

What a time it must be to be a member of Kevin Durant’s PR team. If you’re out of the loop on all things NBA, Durant decided to take the 2010 Lebron approach and leave his humble roots for a more desirable smorgasbord of NBA All-Stars and ring bearers. For those of you still feeling out of the loop, this would be the equivalent of your dog, that you loved and supported throughout their life, telling you they are leaving you for the neighbor because their treats are better. And as you might have guessed, the collective Internet did not take too kind to this. They took to Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, YouTube, and yes — even Kevin Durant’s Oklahoma City based restaurant on Yelp…

In an era where the average Joe’s opinion holds more weight than ever, Kevin Durant has found himself in the midst of online backlash. Let’s just hope he doesn’t poke the Bey-hive or the Internet just might explode.

There ya go! You’re up to date. Now why are you still at the office? Look out the window. You see that? It’s sunshine. Go outside. Enjoy the da — oh you still have to be at work for 3 hours? Sorry…


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