Questions Are Never a Bad Idea

Show off in your next interview with some quality questions a la Account Director, Sarah Tanner

As a growing company, Day One is constantly looking for valuable talent as we build out an agency of the future. I’ve interviewed countless candidates, and have been surprised and delighted when people ask great questions. The interview process is a place for the candidate to show themselves off, and a huge part of that is asking the right questions and showing that you are inquisitive and care about the company you join. However, when you’re in the hot seat, it can be hard to think of those winning questions on the fly.

So here are some of the best questions I’ve been asked and some that I even asked when interviewing at Day One. I hope this can act as a guide for the next time you want to impress your potential employer (or join us here!).

1. What are some challenges you expect for the person in this position?

Challenges are rarely listed in a job description and can give you greater insight into the role. This also gives you a chance to chime in on how you could tackle those challenges, making you an even stronger candidate.

2. How would you measure success for this position?

This is such an important question to understand, not only to see if the position is a good fit for you, but to make sure you would be in a position to succeed if you get the job. It’s also great to see if different interviewers answer this question similarly–that can show you if the company has a clear idea of what success means.

3. What makes someone really stand out at your company?

By asking what makes someone an overall star, you’ll get a better understanding of the company values. The answer will give you a more insight than the traditional tagline too.

4. What excites you most about the company right now?

This is a fun way to hear about the most enticing projects at the company and hear the personal opinion of the interviewer.

5. What are the next steps?

It might sound simple, but asking about next steps is a huge indicator to the interviewer that you’re interested and that you are on top of it. This is a question you’ll continue to ask in every meeting, and something that should always be a driving force for your professional life.

These might seem like simple questions, but I’m telling you, like a good steak, it’s the meat that matters. Asking questions is a great way to get more insight into the role you’re applying for–, but they also give you a chance to demonstrate how you’d fit in with the company. Most importantly, questions show that you care. Personally, I want to work with people that are as excited as I am to come to this office every day.

Congratulate yourself on an interview well-done!

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