Outside D1A: Lauren Sachs

Account Manager by day, Pilates instructor by night…

This week on Outside D1A we meet Lauren Sachs, Account Manager. Lauren manages media engagement and relationships and helps to drive brand messaging and thought leadership. But when Lauren isn’t pitching a new idea to clients (or swooning over the neighboring office’s dogs), she’s practicing and teaching Pilates.

Dogs + Pilates = Lauren’s dream

5 years ago Lauren’s sister asked her to go to a Pilates class. Lauren was super hesitant at first — she was intimidated by the idea of a new studio and an unfamiliar class. But finally she agreed to go with her sister to the class… and hated it.

The instructor was super hardcore and the unfamiliar names of the movements made it really hard to keep up. But weirdly, the next day, Lauren says she was craving the workout. She was surprised and how much her body could actually accomplish in one class, even though she had no idea what she was doing.

Lauren began taking classes a couple of times a week, and before she knew it she was totally immersed in the practice. When her studio started offering a teacher training class, she couldn’t pass it up.

Every weekend for a couple of months, Lauren spent hours at the studio learning about the movements, the muscles, and the history of Pilates. It not only gave Lauren a new perspective on Pilates, but helped her deepen her connection and motivation to her own practice.

A brief history of Pilates…

Joseph Pilates, who started the practice, was a POW during WWII. People were extremely sick in the POW camps and so he started coming up with ways to keep the prisoners in shape. He started using the springs from the cots to create resistance exercises. A lot of the movements in Pilates are named after animals because Joseph was stripped of everything so those names were easy to use and remember.

What Lauren loves most about Pilates (besides the history!) is that you can incorporate the movements and ideals into your everyday routine.

“How I sit at my desk, how i go up and down the stairs… all these little things I’ve adapted from learning Pilates,”

Lauren says you can practice Pilates with little to no equipment at home — these are the types of practices she loves the most. As a teacher, Lauren enjoys working with clients one-on-one at home, showing them that Pilates can be easily incorporated into daily life.

Lauren can teach you how to do this!

If you’re like Lauren and was nervous about trying a new class, she says,

“Explaining what Pilates is makes it a lot less intimidating — you’re using your own body as the resistance, the only person that can do anything wrong is you… its about looking into your body strength and you’ll be surprised at what your body can accomplish.”

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