Meet the Team: Sarah Tanner

She’s met Queen Bey more than a few times…

Day One Firsts

First job: Babysitting three boys. Basically my job was to keep them from climbing on the roof.

First word: Don’t remember? Am I supposed to?

First car: Ford Explorer… a pass down from my Dad, to my Sister, to my Brother… then me. Needless to say, she was well loved.

First album you ever bought: Definitely one of the early versions of ‘Now, that’s what I call music.’

First childhood fear: I didn’t have one, or at least wouldn’t admit to one. I was fearless.

First celebrity crush: Jonathan Taylor Thomas, duh.

Before there was the Bieber…

First phone: Can’t remember! But RIP to the Razor.

Fun Facts

Currently reading: The Nix by Nathan Hill

Favorite TV show: 30 Rock

About Sarah

Sarah’s a communications geek with extensive experience in the tech, consumer and luxury sectors. She believes that comms is built on more than just a public relations plan and that it takes a dynamic approach to create true impact.

She recently ran the North American communications for Lyst, a fashion tech startup based out of London. Prior to Lyst she worked in a variety of communications agencies with a focus on strategic brand positioning and media relations in the retail, e-commerce and non-profit sectors working with everyone from Jil Sander and Maserati, to Save the Children and Abercrombie & Kent. She’s also been lucky enough to meet Queen Bey a couple times and is working to make that happen again.

A North Carolina native, Sarah graduated with a Journalism degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a minor in pimento cheese.

You can find Sarah on Instagram.

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