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Spring has finally sprung, and hopefully this means you spent a little bit more time outside away from your screens. Being the digital junkies that we are, we gathered up this week’s news for you, so you can get up to speed here and back to enjoying that sunshine. Amongst other news, Condé Nast announced that Style.com will become an e-commerce site, Coca-Cola incorporated the fist bump in a new campaign for Latin America, and Warby Parker was valued at over $1 billion.

Snapchat Launches a News Division

Snapchat made headlines this week with its own future headlines. Peter Hamby, CNN’s storied political correspondent, will be laving CNN to join Snapchat. There he will become Head of News. This move brings Snapchat even closer to becoming a full on media platform, as opposed to just a selfie app. Read more about Snapchat News here.

Style.com Becomes Shop-able

Condé Nast announced that they will turn Style.com into an e-commerce site this Fall. What will happen to the editorial content? They will migrate that material to voguerunway.com. This new location will be under the umbrella of American Vogue. Style.com was originally the online presence of Vogue, until Vogue finally launched its own web presence in 2010 and Style.com became somewhat of an overlapping news site. The scale of the e-commerce project for Style.com shows Condé Nast’s “ambition in targeting the $1.5 trillion global e-commerce market.” Read more about this news in an exclusive with Business of Fashion here.

Coca-Cola Throws Down the Fist Bump

A new marketing campaign for Coca-Cola embraces the fist bump across multiple platforms including social activation, print, TV, Web films, and packaging. This is the beginning of a new campaign by Coke that focuses getting teens to step up for friends in need. Most notably, the fist bump will be incorporated in the classic white ribbon. Read more about the campaign here.

Instagram Launches @Music

Instagram announced that they will launch an online community under the handle @Music. This is the first time they launched an account devoted to a single subject. They picked music for their first community because more than a quarter of the most-popular accounts come from musicians. Instagram Music Editor Alex Suskind will head up the community and post about music related topics. Users can participate in the community by writing comments or using their monthly music-themed hashtags. Learn more about @Music here.

Warby Parker Gets Steep Valuation

Warby Parker recently raised a fresh round of $1 million in funding. This brought the company’s valuation up to about $1.2 billion. The extra capital will help Warby expand their chain of retail stores, which now employ about half of their total employees. The valuation also puts the company in a group of about a handful of online retail stores that have been valued over $1billion before being acquired or going public. Read more about the funding here.

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